Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ravenswood -- Brett Dier as Luke Matheson

BRETT DIER as Luke Matheson

Born on Valentine's Day, Canadian actor Brett Dier sets young hearts aflutter with dashing good looks and memorable performances. From a young age, Dier knew he wanted to be an actor. His television credits include guest roles and such series as "Emily Owens MD," "Secret Circle," "Flashpoint," "Endgame," Blackstone" and "Shattered." Brett played recurring roles on "Mr. Young" and "L.A. Complex". Most recently, Brett played a young pilot on the acclaimed series "Bomb Girls" on CTV. Brett joined them for a storyline over several episodes and garnered much buzz for his outstanding performance.

Brett will next be seen on the big screen in a leading role on the Marcus Nispel feature "Backmask." He is also starring in "Grace" with Alexia Fast and directed by Jeff Chan.

In addition to acting, Dier is a talented musician playing both the piano and guitar. An accomplished athlete, he has a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and is an experienced swimmer. When he is not appearing in front of the camera, Dier enjoys break dancing.

Brett is currently in New Orleans filming the highly anticipated RAVENSWOOD for ABC Family.

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