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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Making the Ultimate Film Soundtrack

Making the Ultimate Film Soundtrack

Have you ever wondered what makes an epic soundtrack? Why do some movie themes become almost as popular as the movies themselves? Part of a soundtrack's success is unpredictable, but here are a few tips on how to create a great film soundtrack that is likely to be a hit.
Elements of a Good Soundtrack
A good soundtrack does a few things. First, it has to be well written. Hiring a talented and experienced composer is one of the keys to making sure a soundtrack will turn out well. Another pointer is that the music must be emotionally intelligent. The music needs to fit well with the movie, so that it blends with the movie and becomes associated with the movie. When a person hears the same song later, he or she will remember it better if it was well connected with the movie.
Soundtrack music generally needs to appeal to the masses. More importantly, it should appeal to the type of people who will watch the movie. Classical music is not likely to be a hit in an action film, any more than a loud rock song will be welcomed in a very intellectual film. Music that suits the tastes of the movie's viewers is more likely to complement the film well.
Another key to creating a good soundtrack is to plan the music moments well. Choosing the right time to feature music in a movie is important. When music is either lacking or unwanted, it creates an awkward experience for the viewer that takes them out of the movie-going experience.
Signs that a soundtrack was well made is that the music does not take away from the movie, but instead enhances the most emotionally tense moments of the movie. Viewers should not be focused on the music, but they should be able to recall the music afterwards.
Music Selection or Composition
The actual process for deciding on music or creating compositions for a soundtrack will depend on budget. The costs of using well-known music versus hiring an original composer will need to be considered. When the budget is large enough, original compositions are a good idea because they add something unique and memorable to the movie. A unique movie theme that can be adapted and played repeatedly in the movie allows the movie to brand itself.
Getting Started in Creating Great Soundtracks
Creating the ultimate soundtrack will require a diverse knowledge of the music available for use, and a deep understanding of the psychology of soundtracks and theory of music selection. A degree can help you gain this knowledge. The best film production programs or a well established audio school would be great investments for those who are interested in creating soundtracks. The process of creating the ultimate soundtrack is complicated and rewarding work; those who perfect this skill have a major impact on the entertainment world.
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